LTCT Award Winners

LTCT honors one or more of their members each year for going above and beyond the call of volunteering with the Golden Egg Award.

LTCT also bestows their greatest honor called the Pig Award, a lifetime achievement recognition, given when mere thanks are no longer enough for someone’s years of dedication to Little Traverse Civic Theatre. These awards are named in recognition of John Mack Carter’s quote:

Take the matter of bacon and eggs. The chicken makes a contribution, the pig makes a commitment!
— John Mack Carter


2017-2018 Pig Award Winner:

Nikki Devitt

Nikki Devitt & Amber Lewis

Nikki Devitt & Amber Lewis

Golden Egg

2018-2019 Golden Egg Award Winners:

Susan Brown & Amber Michelsen

Pig Awardees- Lifetime Members

Larry Willis- 1991

John Holec- 1992

Michael Willson- 1993

Bev Holden- 1994

June Zoerhof- 1994

Larry Kilmer- 1995

Betsy Willis- 1996

Frank Nemecek- 1997

Gene and Doris Beach- 1998

Lee Graham- 1999

Margie Willson- 2000

Karen Nemecek- 2001

Bob Munn - 2002

Doug Flewelling- 2003

Bill Zoerhof- 2003

Sabra Hayden- 2004

Jan Joslin- 2005

Doug Graham- 2006

Jerry Christin- 2007

Gary Albert- 2008

Patrick Richmond -2009

Susan Brown-2010

Lisa Turk- 2011

Bob and Sue Davis- 2012

Sally McCoy - 2013

Tracy Ulrich - 2014

Mandy Robinson - 2015

Tonda Richey - 2017

Jeff and Aleta Watton - 2018

Nikki Devitt - 2019