Board Glossary

Board Members:
There are ten members of the Board of Directors each of whom are elected to a two-year term of office. The terms are staggered such that at the Annual Meeting in June each year, the term of office expires for five of the ten Board members. There are “term limits” which stipulate that each Board member may only be elected to two consecutive terms of office. Usually this means a maximum of four years, but if a person is appointed by the Board to fill a vacancy during a term, their limit is the balance of that term plus four years.

The term of office for each officer is the fiscal year (July-June). There are no “term limits” for officers. The offices, as identified in the by-laws, are as follows:

The Chief Executive Officer of the corporation who has the authority to represent LTCT in all legal and official aspects of the business. Presides at all Board meetings and may vote to make or break a tie vote.

Performs the duties of the President when the President is absent or disabled.

Records the minutes of Board meetings and meetings of the general membership.

The treasurer is the only officer who does not have to be a Board member (but usually is). Has custody of all corporate funds and keeps an accurate account of all income and expenditures. Develops monthly reports for the Board and annual reports for the membership.

Membership Chairperson:
Conducts the annual membership drive and develops a list of current members. Also maintains a list of interested individuals (non-members) for mailing purposes.

Newsletter Editor:
Writes and distributes monthly newsletter to all current members.

Publicity Chairperson:
Develops general publicity campaign for the fiscal year including coordination of publicity for each of the three productions.
The other three Board members are usually assigned major responsibilities. These include the following:

Program Coordinator:
Develops the advertising and general content of the program, which is distributed at all, LTCT productions.

Artistic Committee Chairperson:
The Artistic Committee is the major standing committee and consists of seven people (including one or two Board members). The committee solicits applications from potential directors for plays for the following season. After thoroughly reading and discussing the plays and interviewing the potential directors the committee decides the best combination and recommends it to the Board of Directors.

There are also some minor duties, which are assigned to Board Members. They are as follows:

CTAC Liaison:
A Board Member who maintains communication with our landlord, Crooked Tree Arts Council.

CTAM Member Delegates:
Two Board Members who maintain communication with the Community Theatre Association of Michigan.

All standing committees and informal committees are advisory to the Board of Directors, which means that only the Board of Directors makes decisions and develops policy for LTCT. Sometimes the duties of a Board Member position are split between two individuals. Any Board Member can form a small committee to assist in the completion of the duties. The chairperson of each standing committee shall submit a report of any committee activity to the President in advance of each Board meeting.

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